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Distributor & OEM Wanted

Distributor Wanted

Distributors Worldwide Recruiting!

We want to establish new alliances that support our strategic objective of commercial growth in foreign markets. Thus, we are looking for official distributors who trust in our products and who put professionalism at the forefront to set them apart. If you have good entrepreneurial skills and an appetite for success, please contact us to become part of us.

What We Provide:
1. Branded CNC machining products which got a strict batch management system, which ensures the tracing possibility for product quality.
2. Professional technical support and after-sales service. 
3. Best prices for our dealers. High quality and lower prices are magic weapons for you to gain market.

The Advantages of Our Products:
1. We have over 8 years of experience in the production of CNC machining products. The products are well sold at home and abroad.
2. Over 2,500,000 pieces volume in the market, verified the products' security and high quality.
3. Over 400,000 pieces of products standing in inventory, sufficient types ensure the lead time.
4. Participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions and online publicity, and over 1,200,000 RMB in promotional expenses per year.
5. We can provide free testing of our products.

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